Information Systems Auditing and Control

The information systems auditing and control (ISAC) specialization blends accounting with management information systems and computer science to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills required to assess the control and audit requirements of complex computer-based information systems (see ISAC program requirements and course descriptions). Graduates of this program can:

  • analyze an organization's informational system
  • determine the controls and audit processes required to provide assurance that the information produced is reliable and that the system and data contained therein are secure.

Career Opportunities

  • Opportunities for employment in the rapidly expanding area of computer assurance services are abundant.
  • As organizations expand their computer-based information systems internally and externally, the need for properly designed security systems and the need to audit those systems grows.
  • Career opportunities within organizations or as consultants providing computer audit assurance services are abundant.
  • While certification as a Certified Information Systems Auditor requires work experience, graduates from this program are expected to be well qualified to take the Certified Information Systems Auditor examination.

Employer interest in this program is extremely high as very few programs capable of producing graduates qualified to provide computer audit assurance services exist at present. Bowling Green expects to be a national leader in supplying entry-level information systems audit and control professionals with this program.

Program Requirements

Students must meet the specialization requirements in effect at the time of their admission to the BSBA degree program.

Check your Undergraduate Catalog for prerequisites


Students may omit CS 2000 if they have previously taken CS 1010 or equivalent

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