Mingsheng Li, Ph.D.


Mingsheng Li, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: (419) 372-2527
Email: mli@bgsu.edu
Address: 210 Business Administration


Dr. Mingsheng Li is an associate professor of finance, and a holder of Ashel/Bryan Huntington Bank Professorship since fall 2015. His primary research areas include Market Microstructure, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), ETF trading, Mutual Funds, and Emerging Equity Markets. After joining BGSU in August 2006, Dr. Li has published more than twenty peer-reviewed papers and his research works have appeared in top finance journals such as Journal of Banking and FinanceFinancial ManagementJournal of Financial Research, Financial ReviewJournal of Empirical FinancePacific-Basin Finance Journal, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Investing, etc. 

His paper entitled "Analyst Reputation, Dealer Affiliation and Market Making" won the best paper awards from the Journal of Financial Research in 2008. His forthcoming paper accepted by Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (Which Matters: 'Paying to Play' or Stable Business Relationship? Evidence on Analyst Recommendation and Mutual Fund Commission Fee Payment”) won Asian Finance Association 2015 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award. Currently, he is working on a few papers related to Mutual Funds and Margin trading. 



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