Entrepreneurship Program

At Bowling Green State University, entrepreneurship is defined as the pursuit of opportunities through vision, leadership, and passion that challenges the status quo and transforms products, markets, services, or organizations. Entrepreneurship implies risk-taking, innovation, and growth, not necessarily ownership, and can occur in organizations of various sizes and at different stages of development. The goal of the BGSU Entrepreneurship minor is to:

  • Encourage creativity, self-reliance, and a "can do" attitude among business and nonbusiness students through exposure to the entrepreneurship attitude.
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial organizations.
  • Assist students in the development of their own entrepreneurial plans in an applied learning experience.

Five Entrepreneurship Classes are offered as part of the minor:

ESHP 2040 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to entrepreneurship and its importance to the economy. Study of the entrepreneurial process from conception to birth of a new venture.

ESHP 3040 The Idea

Recognizing and creating opportunities, innovation, and passion in pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures. Topics include challenges of fostering creativity, creative problem solving, taking risk, and organizing and managing innovation.

ESHP 3140 The Sell

Topics include product, price, promotion, distribution activities, market segmentation, buyer behavior, and market research.  Emphasis will be placed on guerilla marketing-unconventional techniques where financial and research resources are limited.  A portion of this course will cover selling the idea to potential investors and partners.

ESHP 3240 Pre-Launch

Building on the concepts and experiences of ESHP 3040, this course investigates legal and operational structures for entrepreneurial ventures, explores a variety of financing options, outlines strategies for vendor and customer partnerships, and identifies key managerial and human resource challenges that new ventures face.

ESHP 4040 Launch

Business venture planning, initiation, and management. Mechanics of starting a business, including opportunity and industry analysis, and entry strategies. Preparation of a business plan. Identification of alternative business models. The course emphasizes entrepreneurship as a planned growth process.

(See requirements for a minor in entrepreneurship.) 

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