Janet Hartley, Ph.D.


Janet Hartley, Ph.D.

Position: Professor, Director, Supply Chain Management Institute
Phone: 419-372-8645
Email: jhartle@bgsu.edu
Address: 3026 Business Administration


Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
MBA, University of Cincinnati
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla


Director Supply Chain Management Institute, Bowling Green State University, 2010 - present

Owens-Illinois Professor of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University, 2006

Chair, Department of Management, Bowling Green State University, 2002-2010

Director Supply Chain Management Institute, Bowling Green State University, 1999-2003

Professor, Bowling Green State University, 2005-Present

Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, 1999-2005

Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, 1994-1999


Production and Operations Management Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2015

Decision Sciences Instructional Innovation Award, 2015

APICS Student Chapter Mentor Award, 2014

Journal of Operations Management Association Service Award, 2014

Owens-Illinois Endowed Professorship in Business Administration, 2006-2009.


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