Student Organizations

We encourage you to participate in student organizations while attending BGSU. The College’s student organizations have received outstanding recognition for their excellence and they allow students to meet others with similar interests outside of class.

Get involved in one of the student organizations!

Leaders from each of these organizations serve on the Dean's Advisory Council. They meet with the dean once a month to provide suggestions and give input to the student experience.

Dean's Advisory Council


Front Row left to right:
Maggy Dorian – Women in Business Leadership; Jasmine Dunnigan – National Association of Black Accountants; Kourtney Greco – Entrepreneurship Club; Carly Roden – Dean’s Scholar; Chris Wentling – Supply Chain Management Association
2nd Row left to right:
Adam Pucella – Financial Management Society; Julia Hoffman – CBA Ambassador; Valerie Vondrak – Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Business Fraternity) ; Lauren Schmid – Business District; Matt Martella - Students of Information Systems Organization; Molly Verhoff – Global Management & Leadership Society; Kevin Burgett – Economics Club; Melissa Wilson – RallyCap Sports
Back Row left to right:
Phil Lesiak – American Marketing Association; Wade Heffner – Beta Alpha Psi (National Accounting Society) & AMIS Club