Man Zhang, Ph.D.


Man Zhang, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: (419) 372-6819
Address: 358D Maurer Center

I was elected to serve as the President of AIB-Midwest from March 2014 to April 2017.
The Academy of International Business - U.S. Midwest Chapter is an organization that fosters research and education in the field of international business. This purpose is accomplished by practitioners and scholars in business, government, and academic areas sharing their research and professional efforts. This dissemination takes place through the Journal of International Business Research and Practice, as well as during the annual conferences of the AIB - U.S. Midwest Chapter held in conjunction with the MBAA-International. Academicians, business professionals, government and NGO representatives, students in higher education (particularly masters and doctoral students), and any individual interested to learn about issues pertaining to International Business in an ever-changing global environment and to network with conference participants are encouraged to attend. At least one author of the manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of International Business Research and Practice must register and attend the annual conference of the AIB-U.S. Midwest Chapter.

The AIB-U.S. Midwest Chapter is member chapter of the Academy of International Business. Please visit us online.

I was elected as the co-editor for Journal of International Business Research and Practice April 2016-April 2018.

Selected Journal Publications:

Zhang, M., Gao, Q.,Wheeler, J., Kwon, J.S. (2015)” Institutional effect on born global firms in china: the role of sun tzu’s the art of war strategies" Journal of Asia Business Studies, 10 (1), pp..

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