Kevin Quinn, Ph.D.


Kevin Quinn

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8652
Address: 303 Maurer Center

My research is in the areas of economic philosophy and the history of economic thought. In the first category, I am working on the implications of moral and normative realism ( a position I now consider to be correct, as against either Humean or Kantian forms of moral subjectivism) for economic methodology. Related work investigates the relationship between reason and morality in the German Idealist tradition and attempts to draw lessons from this body of work for the very different approach to rationality taken by modern economics.

In the history of thought, I am working on the Enlightenment campaign against "enthusiasm" and how this informs the Liberalism of Hume and Smith particularly. State action in pursuit of this goal doesn't conform to the Classical Liberal prescription that the State ought to be neutral with respect to views of the Good Life.