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Name: Courtney Noelle deVaudreuil
Maurer 111

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david chatfield
Name: David Chatfield
Position: Director
Office: 120A Maurer Center
Phone: 419-372-2473
Email: dchatfi@bgsu.edu

Connie Disbro
Name: Connie Disbro
Position : Coordinator of Online MBA Programs
Office : 120C Maurer Center
Phone : 419-372-6874
Email : cdisbro@bgsu.edu

Name: Michelle Roehl
Position: Administrative Assistant
Office: 120 Maurer Center
Phone: 419-372-2748
Email: mroehl@bgsu.edu

Heather Mullins

Name: Heather Mullins
Position: Student Success Coordinator, Business Graduate Programs
Office: 120 Maurer Center
Phone: 419-372-8795
Email: hmullin@bgsu.edu

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