Students Visit Google...


...thanks to Media Student Association

Nearly 40 Bowling Green State University School of Media and Communication students received much more than a classroom lecture while visiting the Google location in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The BGSU Media Student Association organized the trip to expose students to potential post-graduate jobs.

“I went on the trip because it was a great networking opportunity and great to learn about one of the largest search engines/advertising companies in the world,” said sophomore media production and studies major Navier Grimes. “I enjoyed seeing what their everyday working environment is like.”

Google is known to be one of the few employers with an innovative business model. Employees are provided with plenty of free time and with several different “hangout” spots where staff can interact and brainstorm ideas.

“I was surprised to learn that employees seem to have their best ideas when they’re not actually working” Grimes said.

The students also sat down and met with several different Google employees throughout the day. One employee who spoke to the group has a bachelors degree in psychology, but currently works in advertising and marketing for the company.

“The employees we met with really changed my ideas about what I want to do for a career,” Grimes said. “They showed me that I am not limited to doing only one thing; that I should aim for any career that interests me”.

The students also toured the facility and learned facts about the Google headquarters specific to the Ann Arbor location.

“Every floor had a different theme that somehow related to the history of Michigan, which I thought was so creative” said senior MDIA Damontae Quincy, who also attended. “They had a floor that detailed the famous automobile industry in Michigan; they had a floor that was all about music, and they even had one that showed all of the different Great Lakes through pictures,” Quincy said.

Students can get involved with BGSU Media Student Association by emailing Dr. Louisa Ha at