Media Production and Studies Student Media Production Showcase

Das Lied von der Erde by Gustav Mahler Conducted by: Maria Mercedes Diaz Garcia

Das Lied von der Erde by Gustav MahlerChamber version by Schoenberg/Riehm: Class Project from MDIA 4913

Walking Witness

Walking Witness: Civic Responsibility in the Shadow of the Holocaust. A 2014 Fulbright-Hays research trip to Poland, Hungary and Greece

Kulhin Center Bowling Green State University

School of Media and Communications students at Bowling Green Sate University

Media Falcon Center (2013)

Media falcons in New York (2012)

Falcons in Ohio (2012)

BGSU Media Falcons (2012)

Media Falcons is an inside look to the video production organizations that Bowling Green State University has to offer. With Jason DiMarco leading the way, we meet up with several BGSU students and faculty member involved with WBGU-TV and on-campus media. We hope you enjoy the video and that maybe one day, you too, can be a part of our media organizations at BGSU!

The 48 Hour Film Festival by Rewas Hage and her group (2010)

The 48 Hour Film Festival ( , ) is a competition that is all over the Country. The point of the competition is to make a film in 48 hours and it competes against fellow filmmakers. All the winners of the selected cities get their movies shown at Filmapalooza in Miami, Florida for a chance to win the grand prize. This competition is fun and great practice for all filmmakers.

Rewa Hage and her group's film was a mockumentary about a croquet competition to win a scholarship to Balls State and the two men who are on two different sides of the social ladder trying to win it. The film was written filmed and edited in 48 hours. The rules of the 48 Hour Film Festival was that you had to randomly pick a genre and the judges would pick everyone a prop, line and challenge that needed to be incorporated into the film. Our genre was mockumentary, their line was "I want to try" the prop was flowers and the challenge was a character who was a waiter/waitress named either Jill or Jack Hildebrand.

College of Music by Jared Jacobs (2010)

The Art of Learning (2010)

A 20 minute documentary produced in MDIA 4700: Practicum in Video Production was made possible with the cooperation of The Toledo School for The Arts . Supported by The Learn and Serve Great Cities - Great Service Consortium, led by Otterbein College, Ohio Campus Compact, and the University of Cincinnati. This project was also supported by the Office of Service-Learning at BGSU via the 2009-2011 Service-Learning Community Course Development grants provided by the BGSU University Bookstore. 
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