Fiouna Ruonan Zhang


Hometown: Malta, OH
    M.A. Public Relations, Kent State University
    B.A. Journalism, Shanghai International Studies University
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Fiouna Ruonan Zhang’s research interests are media psychology among digital natives and global influence of Korean popular culture. Specifically, she studies the psychological antecedents and media effects of selfie-related behaviors on both selfie-takers and -viewers. She also examines the attitudes and behavioral intentions of international K-pop fans toward Korea as a country through parasocial relationship with K-pop stars. Her main research methods are quantitative survey, online experiment, and content analysis, while she also uses in-depth interview for exploratory studies.

Fiouna Ruonan Zhang has taught both communication and media related courses. From the courses she instructed, the syllabus for COMM 2090 and MDIA 3660 were constructed by her independently. She received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award from Chinese Communication Association at International Communication Association 2017 convention in San Diego. For sample syllabi, her teaching philosophy, and students’ anonymous evaluations on her teaching effectiveness, please refer to her website: