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Current Semester Course Information

To calculate your GPA for the current semester, type the number of credit hours and the grade received/expected in the "Course Credit Hours" and "Course Projected Grade" fields, pressing the [Tab] key to move from field to field.  "Course Credit Points" will be calculated automatically.  When you are finished entering the hours and grade, click the "Calculate Semester GPA" button.

Course 1

Cumulative Course Work

Student Center>Grades. After this information has been entered click "Calculate GPA" and "Calculate Projected GPA" in that order. The totals will appear in the appropriate fields. The "Clear the Form" button will clear all data fields.

JavaScript program calculates a grade point average. The script is a modification of an original JavaScript program by Tonya Stacy Joseph, an engineering student from Brooklyn, NY.

Updated: 07/05/2021 07:55PM