Rachel Walsh


Associate Teaching Professor

404 East Hall

Dr. Rachel Ann Walsh (she/her) is the Interim Director of International Studies and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Literature Program of the English Department and International Studies. Her research focuses on Multiethnic Literatures of the U.S. and transnational and global literatures that operate as archives of the intergenerational traumas of settler-colonialism, slavery, apartheid, and U.S. imperialism. Her more recent projects have examined the relationship between the global sites of neoliberalism, post-9/11 border control, and white supremacist movements. Her work, ranging from studies of South African literature of the apartheid era to depictions of neoliberalism and anti-Asian violence in contemporary transnational literature, has been published in Contemporary Literature, Twentieth-century Literature, Radical Philosophy Review, and the interdisciplinary journal, Society and Space: Environment and Planning D. She holds a PhD in Literature and Cultural Studies from Stony Brook University and a BA (summa cum laude) in English from BGSU (and is, indeed, a Forever Falcon). Prior to returning to BGSU, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University.

When she is not reading (novels, Black studies and Border Studies theory, and her students’ inspired work), she is a committed cyclist, ambivalent runner, and sings lead vocals in the Columbus-based early aughts cover band, Dad Bod Date Night Mix.

Courses Taught:

INST. 2000: Introduction to International Studies

ENG. 2110: African American Literature

ENG. 2620: World Literature (1700-Present)

ENG. 2750: American Literature, 1865-1945

ENG. 3110: Multiethnic Literature of the U.S.

ENG. 4800/INST.3800: Global Migration and Memory in Contemporary World Literature

ENG. 4340: The Fires of These Times: From James Baldwin to BLM

ENG. 6070: Theory and Methods of Literary Criticism

ENG. 6800: Trespassing Borders: Archives of Implication and Coalitional Resistance

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