Sarah Blake Studies Environmental Ethics in New Zealand

Sarah Blake on her New Zealand trip

Sarah Blake, a double major in forensic chemistry and English, spent her winter session somewhere much warmer than Ohio — instead, Blake took the opportunity to study environmental ethics in New Zealand. Based on BGSU's offering of this trip and the advice of a friend, Blake decided to spend 21 days in New Zealand, taking the opportunity to visit multiple sites and learn about the country's commitment to environmental sustainability.

While on the trip, Blake kept a physical travel journal. She also created a blog, "Walks in the Wop-Wops," where she posted about her experiences on the trip as part of a class assignment related to the experience. Blake said that the blog was helpful for keeping her parents updated on what she was doing, but also for thinking through everything she was learning.

The English department is excited to share Blake's experiences and encourages students who are interested in international learning opportunities to contact their advisors with questions!

An image from Sarah Blake's journal

While on her stay in New Zealand, Sarah kept a travel journal — on this page, she included a rubbing of a Maori artifact from a museum.

Updated: 02/05/2019 02:50PM