Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Biology: Ecology and Conservation Biology

BGSU students can earn a Bachelor of Science in biology with a specialization in ecology and conservation biology. The ecology and conservation biology specialization is a multidisciplinary program based on the fields of ecology and evolution, and their applied aspects in conservation biology. The program focuses on the study of living organisms across a wide variety of levels from cellular and molecular to population and landscapes.

Quality classroom experiences

The Department of Biological Sciences provides a solid foundation in ecology, evolution, and organismal biology while developing the quantitative, analytical, and technical skills necessary for professional positions or advanced study. Our research and teaching program utilizes a wide range of cutting-edge techniques, including molecular genetics, theoretical modeling, geographic information systems, and remote sensing, to address both basic and applied questions in ecology and conservation biology.

Career - what can you do with an ecology conservation biology degree?

Opportunities for independent research, experiential or service learning and internships are integrated into the program. Located near two unique natural ecosystems (the Oak Openings Savanna and the Great Lakes), BGSU provides numerous opportunities for field studies of populations, communities and ecosystems in rapidly changing environments.

Career paths

  • Water quality
  • Conservation and restoration ecology
  • Ecological research
  • Natural resource management
  • Wildlife ecology

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The biology major requires mathematics through calculus, organic chemistry and at least one course in physics. The ecology and conservation biology specialization includes core courses in basic biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. Elective courses in areas of ecology, biodiversity and quantitative analysis provide specialized training to address current environmental problems.

Required courses

Ecology Biology

Sample courses

  • Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Genetics

BGSU College of Arts and Sciences

The Ecology and Conservation Biology program is part of the Department of Biological Sciences in the  BGSU College of Arts and Sciences.   

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