University Activities Organization

The University Activities Organization (UAO), Bowling Green State University's premier programming board, shall provide student-focused, social, educational and cultural programs for the BGSU community. Through diverse, quality and entertaining events, UAO strives to instill pride and lasting memories in the hearts of all BGSU students.

University Activities Organization is composed of five Programming Teams and one Marketing Team: Entertainment, Collaborations, Excursions, Monthly Programs, and Special Events.

Each Programming Team (PT) focuses on a different aspect of student life to give students a diverse variety of events around the Bowling Green State University campus. All PTs are lead by two Co-Directors that are in charge of seven to ten members to create events that follow the mission statement of both UAO and their PT. The organization is lead by an Executive Board which consists of a President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Marketing.