The SOC 4800 Sociology Capstone course provides opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from previous sociology courses, develop research skills to answer sociological questions, understand and become engaged with the research process, and help envision advanced study and job opportunities after graduation. Additionally, students gain tangible and marketable research, data analytical, and communication skills, including:

  • working with nationally-representative datasets (e.g., General Social Survey, National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health)
  • developing programming skills such as data cleaning, variable creation, and statistical analysis of relationships using statistical software
    (Excel, SPSS)
  • graphically¬†presenting research findings using Powerpoint software, and
  • presenting research at local, regional, or national undergraduate research conferences.
Capstone Cohort Spring 2020
Capstone Cohort Spring 2019
Associate Professor Kei Nomaguchi, far let, poses with 2018 Capstone students, Sociology 4800
Capstone Cohort 2018
Capstone Cohort 2017
Capstone Cohort 2018 with Professor Raymond Swisher
Capstone Cohort 2017
Capstone Cohort 2016

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