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Students in communication have the opportunity to learn from faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in relational communication, global and intercultural communication, rhetoric and public communication, and computer-mediated communication. They are distinguished by their publications in the top communication and interdisciplinary journals. They have written books, journal articles, and papers that have been nominated for and granted distinguished scholarship awards in the top professional communication associations.


Paul Wesley Alday

Position: Director of Forensics & Debate / Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-8856
Email: Alday4N6@Yahoo.com

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Communication PRACTITIONER.

COURSES TAUGHT: Argumentation, Intercollegiate Forensic Activities, Introduction to Communication, Problems in Communication Studies, Honors Introduction to Communication, The Theatre Experience& Creative Drama.

(M.A., Eastern Michigan University)


Emily Anzicek

Position: Director of COMM 1020 Introduction to Public Speaking / Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-0513
Email: emilya@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Feminist Media Studies, Gender and Communication, Communication Pedagogy.

COURSES TAUGHT: Introduction to Public Speaking, Gender and Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Ethics.

(Ph.D., Wayne State University)


Joshua Atkinson

Position: Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-3403
Email: jatkins@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: New Social Movements, Power, Resistance.

COURSES TAUGHT: Communication Criticism, Communication Ethics, Communication/Race/Power, Political Communication, Rhetoric of Social Movements.

(Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia)


Lynda Dee Dixon

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7172
Email: lyndad@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Health Communication (family caregivers for people with Alzheimer's disease; patient/physician issues related to diabetes), Intercultural Communication (Native Americans, particularly Cherokees).

COURSES TAUGHT: Health Communication, Native American Communication, Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Communication Studies, Ethnography, Business and Professional Speaking

(Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)


John Dowd

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-4575
Email: jpdowd@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Rhetoric and Social Theory, Organizational Communication, Media Ecology.

COURSES TAUGHT:  Rhetorical Criticism, Organizational Communication

(Ph.D. Purdue University).


Sandra L. Faulkner

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-1998
Email: sandraf@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Cultural & Ethnic Identities and Sexual talk in Close Relationships, Gender and Communication.

COURSES TAUGHT: Interpersonal Communication, Sexual Communication, Communication Research Methods, Intercultural Communication.

(Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)


Radhika Gajjala

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-0528
Email: radhik@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Information Communication Technologies, Critical/Cultural Studies, Feminist and Postcolonial Theories and Communication, Intercultural/International/Global Communication, Media Studies.

COURSES TAUGHT: International Communication, Intercultural Communication, Communication Technoscience and Cyberculture, Qualitative Research Methods.

(Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)

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Alberto Gonzalez

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-6076
Email: agonzal@bgsu.edu,

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Intercultural Communication, Rhetorical Criticism;

COURSES TAUGHT: Communication and Culture, Intercultural Rhetoric, Leadership in Communication, Rhetoric and Technology, Interpretive Methods In Communication.

(Ph.D., Ohio State University)


Ellen Gorsevski

Position: Associate Professor, Faculty Advisor for BGSU Chapter of AWC
Phone: 419-372-1997
Email: elleng@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Nonviolent/Peace Communication, International/Intercultural Rhetoric, Rhetorical Criticism, Political Rhetoric, Social Movement Rhetoric, Media Criticism and Propaganda.

COURSES TAUGHT: Communication and Conflict, Communication and Gender, Communication and Criticism, Rhetorical Criticism, Rhetoric of Globalization, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies.

(Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)


Lisa K. Hanasono

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-3512
Email: LisaKH@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication, Prejudice and Stigma, Using Communication to Prevent and Respond to Discrimination, Social Support, and Faculty Leadership

COURSES TAUGHT: Persuasion, Communication Theory, Research Methods, Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Speaking, Interviewing, Relational Communication, Health Communication, Race and Communication

(Ph.D., Purdue University)


Lara Martin Lengel

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7653
Email: lengell@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Transnational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Impact of Communication Technology, Internationalizing Education, Environmental Communication.

COURSES TAUGHT: Technology for Transnational Communication, Humanistic Research Methods, International Communication, Intercultural Communication, Gender and Communication, Internationalizing Education through Media and Technology.

(Ph.D., Ohio University)

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Laura Stafford

Position: Professor & Director of the School of Media and Communication
Phone: 419.72-8349
Email: llstaff@bgsu.edu

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AREAS OF RESEARCH: Interpersonal Communication, Relational Maintenance.

COURSES TAUGHT: Interpersonal Communication, Relational Communication. 

(Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin)