Academic & Professional Advising

All faculty advise students, providing expert professional and career guidance. The faculty work closely with The Office of Student Affairs to challenge and engage students by creating supportive, learning-centered environments inside and outside the classroom, encouraging intellectual exchange, professional development, cultural literacy, self-assurance, respect for others, and the responsible exercise of individual expression.

When students declare communication as a major, they are assigned an academic advisor and/or faculty mentor depending on academic level (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior).  You should see your advisor contact information listed in your MyBGSU Student Center under the Advisor section.  

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors and faculty mentors regularly to talk with them about their academic needs and professional aspirations. When meeting with faculty advisors about academic needs and direction, students should prepare thoroughly to make such meetings as fruitful as possible. The information below should help students to properly prepare for such advising sessions.

1. Know your degree program! Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAC)

  • BA requires foreign language sequence and a minor. Please follow this link to get information about minor requirements.
  • BAC requires culture track with documented 2 years of the same foreign language from high school  (or traditional foreign language sequence) and a career focus

C.  Both degrees require:

  • COMM 1020, COMM 2010, COMM 3000.
  • MDIA 1030 or JOUR 1000, THFM 2020, GSW 1100/1110 and GSW 1120.
  • Completion of one of the following areas of emphasis: (1)  Relational communication, (2) Organizational Communication, (3)Intercultural/Global communication. or (4)Advocacy

D. With whom to schedule a meeting?

  • Any materials that relate to the right side of the checksheet (i.e., program requirements): please contact your faculty mentor as listed in your MyBGSU Student Center.
  • Any materials that relate to the left side of the checksheet (i.e., college requirements): please contact the College of Arts and Sciences to speak with the appropriate college academic advisor.

2.     Understand Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)!

A. To access DARS, simply go to MyBGSU
B. Under advising, click on Student Degree Audit.
C. Follow the directions to generate the audit.
D. The DARS report will provide info about:

  • Which degree program you are in.
  • College and program requirements for your degree.
  • Courses taken toward each requirement.
  • Courses still required for each requirement.
  • Courses that will fulfill each requirement.
  • Remember: requirements in red font are incomplete, requirements in green font are complete.

3.     Junior degree audits.

A.  Each student is highly encouraged to complete a junior audit before graduation.
B. To complete the audit, contact the College of Arts and Sciences to schedule a junior audit appointment

  • Phone: 419-372-2015
  • Office: 205 Administration Building