Bachelor of Arts

The BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree provides a liberal arts foundation to the study of communication.  It is distinguished by its academic rigor and attention to the development of exemplary oral and written communication skills. Students take communication courses emphasizing communication information, theories, and criticism.  They also enhance their education with the study of a foreign language, complementing communication study and providing students with a competitive advantage as they pursue careers in global corporations, government agencies, and international organizations.

The BA acquaints students with the study of the humanities (literature, performing arts, philosophy), social sciences (economics, political science, sociology), and natural sciences (biology, geography, physics).  Each student’s individual program benefits from one of the numerous outstanding minor programs across the campus including, but not limited to, Africana Studies, American Culture Studies, Art, Art History, Asian Studies, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, Environmental Policy and Analysis, Ethnic Studies, Management, Marketing, and Peace Studies.

Major, Bachelor of Arts (36 hours) - minor required - 2.5 GPA and C grades or better required for Major Requirements, Area of Emphasis, and COMM Electives - Spring 2017 course requirements

Major Requirements (18 hours)

Area of Emphasis (choose one for 9 hours)

  • Relational Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Intercultural and Global Communication
  • Advocacy

COMM Electives: 9 hours of COMM coursework (excluding COMM 1990, 3060, 3990, 4890, 4900, 4910)

Students interested in a minor please consult the catalog.

Course Information

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