Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The BAC (Bachelor of Arts in Communication) degree emphasizes coursework, developing competencies in specific professional areas.  BAC students complement their major coursework by identifying a career focus.  The career focus requires 18 hours of credit in areas including, but not limited to,  Organizational Communication, Pre-Legal, Pre-Ministry, Social Service, Sales, Promotions and Advertising, International Communication and Culture, Media Sales, and Media Writing.

Major, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (48 hours) - 2.5 GPA and C grades or better required for Major Requirements, Area of Emphasis, and COMM Electives - Fall 2017 course requirements

In addition to satisfying the degree requirements of the B.A.C., students in Communication must complete the following:

Area of Emphasis (choose one for 9 hours):

  • Relational Communication
  • Organization Communication
  • Intercultural and Global Communication
  • Advocacy

COMM Electives: 15 hours of COMM coursework (excluding COMM 1990, 3060, 3990, 4890, 4900, 4910)

Additionally, each student must complete a career focus (18 hours) with a grade of C or better in each course taken as part of the career focus. The specific courses used to fulfill the career focus must define an occupational area. Career foci have been developed in any of the areas listed there; students may also design their own career focus with the approval of their advisor and the program.  

Students enrolled in the Communication B.A.C. major must earn a grade of C or better in each Group I course to remain in the program. Students must also complete COMM 1020 before they can take most other COMM courses. Students must also complete COMM 2010 before they can take most 3000- and 4000-level courses. These requirements apply to majors and non-majors on the main campus, with the exception of communication majors in the Colleges of Education and Human Development and BGSU Firelands, unless they seek admission to the Communication program on the main campus.

Course Information

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