Section 10.12



Each year numerous bomb threats are made to universities across our nation. Bowling Green University is no different.

Below is a simple checklist that explains what to do in case you or your staff receive such a threat. This check list contains short questions that the caller may answer on his/her own. Try to ask as many of the questions as you can. Remember, remain calm, listen to what the caller is saying, listen for background noises. What type of voice does the caller have? Become familiar with the checklist. Make copies and have it handy when needed.

Usually the caller will direct the threat to the building, department or area hoping to cause panic within. The checklist is very important at this time. The caller's aim is to disrupt classes or cause the cancellation of later classes. A student may use a bomb threat as a way to miss a class or a test. After the caller has terminated the call, contact the University Police. Officers will be dispatched to your location. If the threat is for your immediate area or office, look around for any suspicious packages, briefcase, book bags or any container left unattended. Above all, if one of these items are found DO NOT TOUCH IT. Report it to the first officer responding to your location. One thing you can do is try and locate the owner of the suspicious package should they be in your area conducting business and just left the item behind until they are finished. This will assist officers and not waste time.

Be ready with your checklist. The officer will interview you for details of what the caller said to you. Remember, don't be afraid to ask the caller questions from your checklist. They are very important.

The officers at the scene will conduct a search of all public areas within the building. A determination will be made with the building coordinator as to the clearing of the building. his would take place if a suspicious package or item was found to cause police officials to believe the item is an explosive device.

This is only a simple guideline to follow: if you or one of your staff members receives a bomb threat, use the attached check list, call the University Police Department, or 9-1-1. When officers arrive be ready to answer questions about the bomb threat. Officers will check the building or area and should a device be located, evacuation will take place immediately.

Refer any questions to the University Police at 372-2346.


  • Remain Calm
  • If you have a display window telephone, copy the information displayed.
  • Ask the questions from the check list calmly.
  • When the call is terminated, notify University Police immediately at 2-2346 or 9-1-1.
  • Wait until officers arrive to interview you.


Exact time of call:

Exact words of caller:




  • When is the bomb going to explode?
  • Where is the bomb?
  • What does the bomb look like?
  • What will cause it to explode?
  • Did you place the bomb?
  • Why?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your name?


Caller's Voice (circle)

Calm Disguisted Nasal Angry Broken Stutter Slow

Sincere Lisp Rapid Giggling Deep Crying Squeaky

Excited Stressed Accent Loud Slurred Normal



  • Where there any background noises?
  • If the voice was familiar, whom did it sould like?
  • Person receiving the call:


Today's date:

Phone # of phone receiving the call: