Section 10.15

Respiratory Protection Program

Fact Sheet

  • BGSU is required by State Law (Public Employee Risk Reduction Act) and subsequent rules to develop a Respiratory Protection Program.
  • To comply with state mandates, the BGSU Respiratory Protection Program was developed with departmental involvement.
  • This plan applies to University employees who are exposed to occupational dusts, fumes, mists, radionuclides, gases, and vapors. Departments that will be affected are:
    • Chemistry
    • Art
    • Biology
    • Facilities Maintenance
    • Psychology
    • Athletic
  • The BGSU Respiratory Protection Program addresses the minimal requirements of the law, including:
    • Provide employees with chemical exposure monitoring when needed.
    • Provide adequate engineering and administrative control measures before providing respiratory protection at no cost to employees.
    • Provide medical evaluations at no cost to employees.
  • Implementation Date: Fall Semester 1997
  • For additional information or questions regarding BGSU's Respiratory Protection Program, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, 2-2171.