Section 10.6



In order to ensure the University's commitment to a quality educational and work environment, every faculty member, employee and student has a right to work and learn in an environment free from the effects of abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Therefore, it is the policy of Bowling Green State University to prohibit the unlawful use, sale, dispensing, transfer, or possession of controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, drugs not medically authorized or any other substance that may impair an individual's academic or work performance or pose a hazard to the individual, public, students, or employees of the University on its property or at any of its activities.

It is the responsibility of each faculty member, employee and student to adhere to this policy. If a violation of this policy occurs, support programs will be made available where appropriate. Disciplinary action may be taken up to and including dismissal or expulsion from the University and possible criminal prosecution. The University will make appropriate efforts to provide rehabilitative support before giving consideration to termination of employment for cause as stipulated in Section B-I.C.3.c (old Section B-I,I) of the Academic Charter and Section 3345.22-25 of the Ohio Revised Code.

General Student Regulations APPENDIX B, #1,#17, #18, prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students on Bowling Green State University property or as part of any of its activities.

Bowling Green State University's compliance with provisions of the Drug Free School and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 applying to students and employees is achieved through a comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention program which includes policy enforcement, education programs and referral to treatment programs.