Financial Assistance

Teaching Assistantships (TAs)

The Department recognizes the need for adequate financial support and offers competitive stipends (including tuition waiver) to all admitted students.

First-year students will generally be offered teaching assistantships (TAs).

Assistantships will continued beyond the first year provided the student is progressing satisfactorily and maintaining a 3.0 minimum grade point average. 

A student’s responsibility as a teaching assistant will include grading exams, assisting with coursework instruction, as well as undergraduate laboratories.  Typical loads for teaching assistants in chemistry range from 12 to 17 hours per week on average.

Research Assistantships (RAs)

Research assistantships are available for advanced graduate students beyond the first academic year from funds available to research faculty.  The stipend levels for research assistantships are consistent with those for teaching assistantships and tuition and fees are also covered.  No teaching is required of research assistants.

Updated: 11/24/2020 12:37PM