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GSPDA Overview

Graduate Students and Post Doctorates’ Association of the Center for Photochemical Sciences (GSPDA of Photosciences) at Bowling Green State University, is a non-political association to create and inspire pure and applied research related to biology, chemistry, physics, photochemistry, and photophysics among the diverse student community of BGSU.

We seek to identify various issues related to the interests of graduate students and post-docs of the Center and to provide for its members: opportunities for intellectual expression, leadership, fellowship, and cooperation. Through a variety of activities, we seek to aid in the development of a well-informed, articulate, participative student community, and to promote an appreciation and interest for photosciences among students and post-docs of the Center.

Additionally, we will strive to facilitate meaningful communication between graduate students, post-docs, and faculty of the Center for Photochemical Sciences and other research institutions similar student organizations and the Center alumni.

Our Officers

President - James Cassidy
Vice President - Amal Aburahma
Treasurer - Ankit Dara
Secretary - Carina Haddad
Communication Coordinator -

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