1. Enrolled in College of Arts and Sciences in a liberal course of study GPA in non-professional and non-applied courses*

  • 3.65 for seniors
  • 3.85 for juniors

2. Completion of at least 90 semester hours of liberal* coursework toward the bachelor's degree for seniors; completion of 75 semester hours of coursework including at least 57 semester hours of liberal* coursework for juniors.

3. Meet the foreign language requirement with any of the following:

  • 4 BGSU courses given in the language (e.g., 1010,1020,2010,2020)
  • 4 years of a single language in high school
  • a combination of high school and BGSU courses meeting above criteria

Note: so-called "culture track" courses DO NOT fulfill this requirement. FREN 2120 & SPAN 2120 do meet the requirement.

4. Meet the mathematics requirement of the College of Arts & Sciences

5. Meet the Arts and Sciences Humanities and Arts, Social and Behavior Sciences, and Natural Sciences requirements.

Courses taken to meet language, mathematics, natural science, social science and humanities group requirements must be taken for letter grade and the student shall maintain at least a B average in these courses.

*To quote from the Criteria for Eligibility: "Applied and professional work, understood as opposites of liberal work, shall be understood to include all training intended to develop skill or vocational techniques in such fields as business administration, education, engineering, home economics, journalism, library sciences, military and air science, speech, and applied art and music." In addition, certain courses in art, computer science, economics, music, and mass communication are regarded as applied or professional work and thus do not count for Phi Beta Kappa purposes as liberal work.

Updated: 01/30/2018 02:09PM