Alumni Spotlight: Sydni Winkler


Spring 2018

By: Dolce Lindsey

    A big fear of college graduates revolves around what they want to pursue after procuring a degree. At Bowling Green State University (BGSU), one of our biggest goals is the success of our alumni. Specifically, in the Department of Media and Communication, we use our close professor-student relationships, from classroom lessons, to strive toward real life applications, which helps to promote the ease of student transition into the postgraduate world. This is evident with recent BGSU alumni, Sydni Winkler.

Sydni Walker 2    In spotlight alumni, Winkler, a Communication major who minored in Human Development and Family Studies, attributes her success to this tactic. Since graduating in December 2017, she is a newly appointed District Executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Winkler serves Allen, Putnam, and Hardin County, making up the Great Oaks district. Her profession entails working with volunteers in these three counties, "constantly talking on the phone, emailing, and being in a work environment where customers can stop by and chat.”

    Being a communication major, Winkler states, helps to relate to different relationships that are necessary to form with all ages she encounters in her workplace. This ranges from professional scouters at the council level, to volunteers of smaller troops within Winkler’s organization. An ability to adaptation and thinking on her toes is a necessary part of her occupation, which Winkler has mastered through her degree

    Though Winkler misses her alma mater, she frequently supports the initiative of the Department of Media and Communication at BGSU. 

    BGSU, Winkler says, "Has helped me post-grad because of all of the involved organizations. The college offers have helped me to learn management.”

Some of these organizations include Kappa Delta Sorority, Dance Marathon, and Bike for Tikes. 

    We take pride in the accomplishments of alumni like Sydni Winkler and wish her the best as she continuous to succeed after graduating from BGSU!