Joe Celizic


Mr. Joe Celizic

  • Position: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-8919
  • Email:
  • Address: 421 East Hall

So much of our relationship with the world is mediated by our relationship with language. I believe our pursuits of expression and our ability to understand and analyze texts develop symbiotically, and so my approach to teaching relies just as heavily on textual analysis as it does on methods of drafting. My philosophy for teaching writing is best defined as student-centered, with the primary goals of helping students develop audience awareness and the skills needed to navigate the various texts they’ll encounter in academia and beyond. From growing more aware of the communicative needs of their audience, to establishing the significance of their general arguments, to achieving reader-based prose at a sentence level, I work with students as they mindfully develop their own writing method. In an interconnected world, the need for clear, thoughtful communication is more important than ever. I believe the greatest benefit of the university setting is that students have the opportunity to gain a broader and deeper view of their environment, and to improve their ability to express themselves within it. It’s my aim to help facilitate that development.

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