Rhetoric & Writing Students Publishing in Multiple Venues

The Rhetoric and Writing program is proud to announce the publications of two students.

Ann von Mehren

Ann von Mehren, a first-year student, has a recent publication. Her article "Finding Teaching Inspiration from Gorgias: Mathematics Lessons from a Sophist" was published in the January 2019 issue of the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. The article, Ann says, "is about how I as a former K-8 mathematics teacher find inspiration for ways of teaching early mathematics concepts from a non-mathematics ancient text Gorgias of Leontini, the Sophist rhetor."

Brandie Bohney

Brandie Bohney, a second-year student, has three upcoming publications.

“Thinking Inductively about Conventions: Grammar in Context Activities for Struggling Students” English Journal, article accepted for publication, forthcoming May 2019

An exploration of inductive-thinking activities to help English Language Arts students discover various language conventions in ways that encourage transfer into their written work.

“The Crowdsourcing Classroom: Engagement in the Age of Boaty McBoatface” Currents in Teaching and Learning, article accepted for publication, forthcoming May 2019

Discussion of uses of crowdsourcing in education leading to examples of uses of crowdsourcing using shared online documents to encourage whole-class engagements and participation.

“An Alternative Vision for Colonization,” with Sheri Wells-Jensen and Joshua A. Miele, Futures, article accepted for publication, forthcoming 2019

We argue here for two things: greater inclusion in space travel and exploration programs and universal design in space crafts and equipment. Universal design provides greater safety for able-bodied astronauts as well as making possible inclusion of disabled astronauts whose contributions to missions are currently excluded outright.

Updated: 06/18/2020 02:59PM