GSW Hosts Dr. Elizabeth Wardle

On Thursday, January 19, Elizabeth Wardle gave two engaging and thought provoking presentations to GSW faculty and Rhetoric and Writing faculty, graduate students, and alumni as well as Dean Craig.

Her first presentation "Writing about Writing: How to Teach First-Year Writing to Encourage Transfer" focused on the research that led to Wardle and Doug Down’s co-authored textbook, Writing about Writing. There were thought provoking discussions of transfer and teaching writing using threshold concepts.

Her second presentation, “Naming What We Know: Identifying and Using Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies", invited participants to discuss writing’s threshold concepts in writing, which she and Linda Alder-Kassner discuss in their recent co-authored book, Naming What We Know. It also asked participants to brainstorm other threshold concepts.

A big thank you to GSW for hosting Dr. Elizabeth Wardle and providing all with the opportunity to engage in such important discussions.

Updated: 11/08/2018 08:58AM