Dr. Roopika Risam Hosts Workshop on Digital Humanities Research

Dr Roopika Risam, an Assistant Professor from Salem State University, hosted a workshop for Rhetoric & Writing Students on Thursday, March 30, titled "Digital Research Methods and Growing Methods from Questions."

Roopika Presentation


Dr. Risam shared insights about her digital humanities projects, discussing the digital mapping method that she uses in her research. As Salem State University was also a normal school as BGSU once was, Dr. Risam discussed her current project on looking at the history of Salem State. These discussions were especially insightful as current doctoral students in the Rhetoric & Writing Ph.D. program have also connected such research about BGSU's history.


Dr. Risam also discussed strategies for navigating life as a doctoral student, such as time management and preparing for the job market. She reflected on how she found here place in academics and on how to do the kind of research she wanted to do. Overall, her workshop allowed students to reflect on the role digital humanities plays in their research.

Updated: 11/08/2018 08:59AM