Doctoral Students Making Progress on Dissertation

Students in the third year cohort have each presented their graduate lectures, a public presentation of their dissertation prospectus.

Danielle Donelson presented "Do I really belong here: Exploring How Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Educators Practice Decolonial Pedagogy." This dissertation explores how a non-indigenous educator may act as learner and ally to American Indigenous values while practicing a decolonial pedagogy informed by those indigenous values. Through this project she will interview six decolonial educators, three who self-identify as indigenous and three who self-identify as non-indigenous, to better understand how they practice decolonial pedagogy in Rhetoric/Composition classrooms.

Stephen Raulli presented "Eating Disorders and Pro-ana: The Cultivating of Community Online." This dissertation explores the world of pro-ana, a subculture where girls with eating disorders claim the illness as a lifestyle choice. He will interview girls with Tumblr accounts to humanize girls on the web, and give depth to the identities and communities being created through online rhetoric.

Joseph Robertshaw presented "Toward an Equitable and Sustainable Ecology of Academic Labor."  

Soha Youssef presented "International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Training Program at Bowling Green State University: Putting the Needs of ITAs and the Expectations of Native English-Speaking Students in Conversation." An audio version of her dissertation abstract can be found here:

Updated: 11/08/2018 08:59AM