BGSU Rhetoric at National Watson Conference

Several of the Rhetoric and Writing Students presented presented at the Thomas R. Watson Conference on October 20-22, 2016 at the University of Louisville.  The conference theme was “Mobility Work in Composition: Translation, Migration, Transformation.”

Brianna Mauk presented “More than Mobile Devices: How Embodied Practices Shape Campus Composing On-the-Go.”

Jeffrey Moore presented "Mobility and Identity Among Second Language Students: Navigating the Physical and the Digital.”

Dr. Sue Carter Wood and her English 7230 students, Sara Austin, Kelly Moreland, Joseph Robertshaw, Lauren Salisbury, Lauren Garskie, Kristin LaFollette-Samson,  Marshal Saenz, Danielle Donelson, Stephen Ohene-Larbi, and Soha Youssef, presented “Mobility in Local History: Artifacts, Archives, and Digital Presentation.”

Updated: 04/23/2020 04:47PM