Oral Presentation

All graduate students are required to give an oral presentation as part of their Master's degree requirements. Students pursuing the thesis option (Plan I) will use their thesis defense as their presentation. Students pursuing the non-thesis option (Plan II) will give a presentation on their project. The scheduling of the presentation is the responsibility of the Graduate Coordinator.

Please be aware of the following deadlines:

Deadline for choosing the CS 6910 or CS 6990 presentation date

  • Fall - Friday before Fall Break
  • Spring - Friday before Spring Break
  • Summer - End of first summer term

Deadline for making the CS 6910 presentation

  • Fall - Friday before last week of class
  • Spring - Friday before last week of class
  • Summer - Friday before last week of class

Deadline for submitting the CS 6910 written report

  • Fall - Last day of classes
  • Spring - Last day of classes
  • Summer - Last day of classes

Deadlines for defending the thesis and for submitting the thesis are announced by the Graduate College each semester.

Specific requirements:

  • To request scheduling of the presentation, the student must provide the following to the Graduate Coordinator in email or Microsoft Word format: a) title of presentation; b) abstract of presentation; c) preferred days and times (at least three). Those presenting a thesis or a project must get the approval of the thesis or project advisor before giving this information to the Graduate Coordinator. Please submit this information by the middle of the semester in which the presentation is to be given.
  • All presentations must be given before the last week of class. No presentations are scheduled during the last week of class, during Final Exam week, during break periods within a semester, or between semesters.
  • No more than two oral presentations will be scheduled for any day.
  • The Graduate Coordinator will try to schedule presentations on no more than two days in a week. In no case will presentations be scheduled on more than three days in one week.
  • A 50-minute period will be scheduled for presentations by Plan I (thesis) students. A 20-25 minute period will be scheduled for all other students.
  • For Plan II students, it is NOT necessary that the project be complete before the oral presentation is given, but the project should be far enough along so that some preliminary results can be presented.
  • The date and time of the presentation must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator at least three days before the presentation is to be given. There are no exceptions to this requirement.
  • The Graduate Coordinator is responsible for announcing the presentation to the department's faculty, staff, and graduate students.