Eric M. Cooke

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Eric M. Cooke

  • Position: Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Program
  • Phone: 419-372-7778
  • Email:

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Sam Houston State University, 2021

CFDR Primary Research Area: Deviance, Crime, and Violence in Social Context

Dr. Cooke’s research interests include life-course and developmental criminology, developmental processes and trajectories, biopsychosocial criminology, risky behaviors among adolescents and young adults, the effects that early life adversities have on later life outcomes, and victimology.

Recent Publications:

Cooke, E.M., Schuurman, N.K., Zheng, Y. (2022). Examining the Within- and Between-Person Structure of a Short Form of the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule: A Multilevel and Dynamic Approach. Psychological Assessment, Accepted for Publication.

Zheng, H., Cooke, E.M., Li, K., Zheng, Y. (2022). Capturing Hassles and Uplifts in Adolescent’s Daily Lives: Links with Physical and Mental Well-being. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Accepted for Publication.

Armstrong, T.A., Boisvert, D.L., Wells, J., Lewis, R.H., Cooke, E.M., Woeckener, M., Kavish, N., Vietto, N., and Harper, J.M. (2022). Testosterone, Cortisol, and Criminal Behavior in Men and women. Hormones and Behavior, 146. Online first.

Zhang, J., Leng, J., Yang, C., Cooke, E.M., Gong, P., and Liu, J. (2022). Dark Triad Traits Mediate the Interaction Between Childhood Abuse and COMT Val158Met Polymorphism on Aggression Among Incarcerated Chinese Males. Current Psychology. Online first.

Cooke, E.M., Connolly, E.J., Boisvert D.L., and Hayes, B.E. (2021). A Systematic Review of the Biological Correlates and Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment on Adverse Childhood Experiences. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse. 1–18.

Kavish, N., Boisvert, D.L., Cooke, E.M., Lewis, R.H., Woeckener, M., Wells, J., and Armstrong, T.A. (2021). Further Evaluation of the Associations Between Psychopathic Traits and Symptoms of PTSD and Depression in a Nonclinical Sample. Journal of Personality Disorders, 35, 469–480.

Armstrong, T.A., Wells, J., Boisvert, D.L., Lewis, R.H., Cooke, E.M., Woeckener, M., and Kavish, N. (2021). An Exploratory Analysis of Testosterone, Cortisol, and Aggressive Behavior Type in Men and Women. Biological Psychiatry. Advance online publication.

Connolly, E.J., Hayes, B.E., Boisvert, D.L., and Cooke, E.M. (2021). Intimate Partner Victimization and Depressive Symptoms: Approaching Causal Inference Using a Longitudinal Twin Design. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advance online publication.

Cooke, E.M., Lewis, R.H., Hayes, B.E., Bouffard, L.A., Boisvert, D.L., Wells, J., Kavish, N., Woeckener, M., and Armstrong, T.A. (2020). Examining the Relationship between Victimization, Psychopathy, and the Acceptance of Rape Myths. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 1­–21.

Cooke, E.M., Connolly, E.J., Boisvert, D.L., Armstrong, T.A., Kavish, N., Lewis, R.H., Wells, J., Woeckener, M., and Harper, J. (2020). Examining How Testosterone and Cortisol Influence the Relationship between Strain, Negative Emotions, and Antisocial Behavior: A Gendered Analysis. Crime & Delinquency, 66, 1470–1501.

Connolly, E.J., Cooke, E.M., Beaver, K.M., and Wyatt, B. (2020). Do Developmental Changes in Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking Uniquely Predict Violent Victimization? A Test of the Dual Systems Model. Journal of Criminal Justice, 66, 1–10.

Armstrong, T.A., Boisvert, D.L., Wells, J., Lewis, R.H., & Cooke, E.M., and Woeckener, M. (2020). Assessing Overlap between Self-Control and Psychopathy: A Consideration of the Grasmick Self-Control Scale and the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale. Journal of Criminal Justice. 70, 1–9.

Cooke, E.M., and Zhang, Y. (2019). A Multilevel Analysis of Factors Related to Business Robbery Clearance Rates in a Large City in Texas. Policing: An International Journal, 43, 213–228.

Connolly, E.J., Kavish, N., and Cooke, E.M. (2019). Testing the Causal Hypothesis that Repeated Bullying Victimization Leads to Lower Levels of Educational Attainment: A Sibling-Comparison Analysis. Journal of School Violence, 18, 272–284.

Kavish, N., Boisvert, D.L., Wells, J., Lewis, R.H., Cooke, E.M., Woeckener, M., and Armstrong, T.A. (2019). On the Associations between Indicators of Resting Arousal Levels, Physiological Reactivity, Sensation Seeking, and Psychopathic Traits. Personality and Individual Differences, 141, 218–225.

Armstrong, T.A., Wells, J., Boisvert, D.L., Lewis, R.H., Cooke, E.M., Woeckener, M., and Kavish, N. (2019). Skin Conductance, Heart Rate, and Aggressive Behavior Type. Biological Psychology, 141, 44–51.

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