Bachelor of Arts in Film - Specialization in Film Production

Film Major, Bachelor of Arts (39 hours), plus a required minor

Required courses are as follows for either Film Production OR Film Studies:

27 hours of credits

3 hours _____ THFM 1610 Introduction to Film
3 hours _____ THFM 1710 Applied Aesthetics for the Moving Image
3 hours _____ THFM 1910 Script Analysis
3 hours _____ THFM 2620 History of Film
1 hour   _____ THFM 2720 Mid-Major Portfolio Review
3 hours _____ THFM 3650 Culture and the Moving Image
3 hours _____ THFM 3930 Film Production: From Concept to Distribution
1 hour   _____ THFM 4880 Theatre and Film Studio Experiences or THFM 4890 Internships in Theatre and Film
1 hour   _____ THFM 4920 Senior Portfolio Review
3 hours _____ Elective in film studies (world cinema) ____________________
3 hours _____ Elective in film studies ____________________

Must also take 12 hours of electives in film production:

3 hours _____________
3 hours _____________
3 hours _____________
3 hours _____________

Students must have at least 12 hours in the specialization; when a 2-hour course is among the electives, a second 2-hour course must be taken to complete specialization.

Electives in Film Production include: 

THFM 1470 Basic Scenery Construction, Props, and Scene Painting
THFM 1480 Basic Costume Construction
THFM 1490 Basic Stage Lighting and Sound
THFM 1500 Drafting, Drawing, and Graphics for Theatre and Film
THFM 2410 Acting: Principles
THFM 2420 Acting: Topics in Voice and Movement
THFM 2550 Film I Cinematography
THFM 2560 Film II Editing,Image and Sound
THFM 2750 Arts Management I
THFM 2900 Studies in Theatre or Film
THFM 3020 Performance Studies II
THFM 3300 Theatrical Makeup
THFM 3410 Directing
THFM 3420 Advanced Directing
THFM 3440 Acting: Character and Range
THFM 3450 Acting: Topics and Applications
THFM 3550 Film III: Sync Sound Production
THFM 3750 Arts Management II
THFM 3950 Workshop on Current Topics
THFM 4420 Screenwriting
THFM 4430 Playwriting
THFM 4440 Acting and Directing for Film
THFM 4600 Period, Style, and Form
THFM 4630 Lighting Design
THFM 4660 Scene Design
THFM 4690 Costume Design
THFM 4720 Advanced Production Practicum
THFM 4880 Theatre and Film Studio Experiences
THFM 4890 Internship in Theatre or Film
THFM 4900 Problems in Theatre or Film


The electives that are available to a Film major should be able to provide a good foundation in film history, aesthetics, production, and methods of analysis that illuminate global and cultural perspectives. 

Film Majors meet with advisors in the Department of Theatre and Film to:

  • select electives in the core requirements and their emphasis area
  • choose a minor in another field that best contributes to their program of study
  • determine protocols for internship (1 hour)
  • develop the skills, network, and portfolio to be a successful scholarship candidate.

Film majors are required to have a minor  (20 hours). Students meet with advisors in the Department of Theatre and Film to select a minor. Minors useful for film majors include: Africana Studies, American Culture Studies, Art (B.A. program), Art History, Arts Management, Canadian Studies, Communication, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Electronic and Computer Technology, English, Entrepreneurship, Ethnic Studies, General Studies in Business, History, International Business, Journalism, Latino/Latina Studies, Marketing, Music, Political Science, Popular Culture, Recording Technologies, Telecommunications, Theatre, Women's Studies, or any minor in foreign language.