Lucas Ostrowski

Courses Taught:

  • THFM 1610 - Introduction to Film
  • THFM 1910 - Script Analysis 
  • THFM 4980 - Senior Seminar in Theatre and Film

Education Background:
Lucas earned his Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Film/Video Production and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. 

Previous Work:
Lucas has been an Independent Filmmaker for over 10 years with his production company Guerilla Art Productions. Many of his short films have played at festivals and screenings all around the United States. His medium of choice is Super 8 but he does enjoy working with DV, HD and 16mm cameras. His favorite types of films to produce are Rock Documentaries and "Granola Horror" or regional, Independent horror with a personal twist. He is passionate about the Midwest and enjoys working with other local, independent artist. His favorite aspect of the film process is the collaboration, creativity, and community one gets when working on an independent, low-budget film set. 

Currently, he is in post production on two feature length music festival documentaries as well as a few short films. 

Before BGSU, Lucas worked at Emerson College in Boston as an Assistant Manager in their Equipment Distribution Center. While there he vended a variety of equipment to over 900 students as well as deepening his knowledge of cameras, sound, grip, and lighting equipment. He also managed the Ohio University School of Film Equipment Room. While at graduate school, he taught film studies classes on the "Rockmentary" as well as the Slasher film. 

During his final year, he also became part of "Circle 'Round the School", and arts collective teaching Appalachian youth different mediums, as a film teacher. He also has "on set" experience with feature films, stage productions, commercials, industrials and PSAs.