JDI Products and Services

Products and services related to our scales are available for purchase, with proceeds helping to offset the cost of maintaining the scales and providing assistance to the many researchers and practitioners who use these scales. We thank you for your purchase, and your support.

The Job Descriptive Index (JDI), Job In General (JIG), Trust In Management (TIM), and Stress In General (SIG) scales are all supported by official products and services prepared by the test developers and researchers at Bowling Green State University.

Description of Products

Quick Reference Guide

The quick reference guide is a concise document that describes the proper use of the scale, scoring instructions, and recommended methods of interpreting scores. The guide also contains validity and reliability information about the scale.

This product is available for: JDI/JIG, TIM, SIG
(aJDI/aJIG users should use the JDI/JIG guide)
Cost: USD$25.00

SPSS Automated Scoring Syntax

The scoring syntax is a computer file that works with the SPSS (sometimes called PASW) computer program. The syntax file automates the process of re-coding the data, generating scores for each respondent, and creating summary scores that describe your sample. The scoring syntax turns what is normally a time-consuming task into a quick, simple process.

This product is available for: JDI/JIG, TIM, SIG, aJDI/aJIG
Cost: USD$25.00

Measurement of Satisfaction in Work and Retirement: A Strategy for the Study of Attitudes

This text is the original work by Smith, Kendall, and Hulin (1969) that describes the development of the Job Descriptive Index. The text is currently out-of-print and difficult to obtain; as such, we offer a PDF version that may be purchased.
Cost: USD$30.00

Normative Scoring Reports

A major benefit to using the Job Descriptive Index and related scales is the ability to compare scores obtained in your sample to scores from our large nationally-representative sample of US workers. Normative scoring is necessary if you want to know how levels of satisfaction in your sample compare to the level of satisfaction found in the average relevant US worker. Normative scores are usually presented as percentile ranks (e.g., on average, employees from Company X are at the 80th percentile compared to the average employee from other similar companies in the US). Please contact the JDI Office for pricing.

Consulting Services

Some clients may require assistance with survey design, analysis and interpretation that is beyond the general level of support provided by JDI Office.  Our knowledgeable faculty and doctoral students may be able to help.  For consulting service inquiries, please contact the JDI Office with a brief overview/description of your project and the type of assistance needed.  We will contact you for further details and pricing pending the availability of our faculty members and doctoral students to assist you with your project.

How to order:

Please use our Secure Website to place your order. Most of our products are in electronic form and will be emailed to you shortly after your order is received. All requests are processed manually and can take approximately two business days to be fulfilled. Please remember to account for national and university holidays in your calculations.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping and handling, where applicable, is not included in pricing.

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