Finding Balance In Emotions and Eating


The primary goal of the Finding Balance in Emotions and Eating research group is to promote the development of flexible, adaptive, values-consistent strategies for managing emotion and establishing healthy eating behaviors.  We conduct laboratory-based projects designed to expand the understanding of the mechanisms underlying a wide range of aberrant eating behaviors, with a focus on emotional, cognitive, and physiological factors.  We also conduct applied studies that aim to improve eating and weight outcomes via emotion regulation training.  As clinicians, we provide interventions to adults who struggle with both emotional difficulties and disordered eating.  Finally, we strive to disseminate our research findings through scholarly writing and presentations.  As a group, we value collaboration as an avenue toward enhancing scientific thinking, creating scholarly products, and developing strong therapeutic skills.

Our lab aims to promote diversity and inclusivity through our research and training. We recognize the importance of producing culturally informed research, especially in the field of eating and health, which has a history of excluding individuals who are often marginalized by society. We appreciate and value that our research involves individuals who experience unique struggles with their weight and body, and our goal is to improve their life circumstances. Our lab welcomes students from diverse backgrounds including but not limited to ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, weight status/body size, first-generation college students, and age.

Updated: 11/19/2021 09:06AM