Alumni Mentor Program

Program Overview

Students entering the changing media job market need every advantage they can get. At Bowling Green State University, we try to prepare them for career success by providing a solid educational foundation. However, students can also benefit from networking with contacts in the industry. It is with this in mind that the mentor program seeks to establish relationships between journalism and public relations majors and BGSU alumni in the field. Sign up to be a mentor.

Goals of the Program

In addition to making valuable contacts, the program offers students a chance to enhance their knowledge of possible journalistic careers and get advice from a practicing journalist or public relations professional. For BGSU alumni, the program allows them to encourage and guide future journalists in their field. More info.

Mentorship Program Process

Students are given the opportunity to be paired with a mentor once they become a journalism major and declare their specialization in the broadcast, print or public relations sequence. This usually happens in the middle or end of their sophomore year when they successfully complete JOUR 2000 (Introduction to Journalistic Writing) and attain the required grade point average. More info.

Program Activities

Once a connection is made, it is up to the individuals involved to decide how they want to proceed with the mentoring relationship. Suggested activities generally fall within three areas: discussing career interests and opportunities, providing constructive feedback about student activities and progress, and offering advice for professional development and job seeking. If the mentor is employed near BGSU or a student's hometown, on-site job shadowing also is encouraged. More info.

Program Evaluation

To help us assess the mentorship program, both alumni mentors and BGSU students will fill out brief evaluations of the mentorship experience each semester. Upon graduation of a student in the mentorship program, the alumni mentor will assess the student based on the desired learning ouMDIAes and submit a report to the chair of the journalism program. More info.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Terry Rentner at or (419) 372-2079.