Schedule of Suggested Activities

First semester

  • Talk to your mentor about his or her education and career experiences.
  • Discuss your career interests and journalism experience with your mentor.
  • Seek your mentor’s feedback on two graded assignment from a journalism class. (Please do not seek input on class work until after it has been graded.)
  • Establish regular phone or e-mail conversations with your mentor to talk about your progress and get suggestions for improvement.

Second semester

  • Seek your mentor's help in establishing career goals.
  • If possible, visit your mentor on the job.
  • Discuss possible internship opportunities, either with your mentor or another organization.
  • Seek feedback on two assignments from classes or in student media.

Third semester

  • Attend a professional meeting or networking function with your mentor.
  • Discuss possible internships and/or job opportunities.
  • Ask for your mentor's input in creating an effective resume and portfolio.
  • Seek feedback on one assignment from classes or in student media.

Fourth semester (and beyond)

  • Get feedback from your mentor on your resume and portfolio.
  • Conduct mock interviews prior to a job interview.
  • Ask your mentor for industry contacts and job leads.
  • Seek feedback on one assignment from classes or in student media.

Note: Keep in mind that these are only suggestions for an effective mentorship. Students and mentors can decide on any other types of beneficial activities.