David F. Warner


Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Phone: 402-472-3421
Email: dwarner3@unl.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2004

Dr. Warner’s work explores how social structures and practices create and reinforce inequality across the life course.  He looks at individual transitions (and the trajectories in which they are embedded) and their cumulative (both additive and interactive) effect at the population level to illuminate the structural influences on these transitions. His  research is concerned with two broad areas of substantive inquiry—Work & Retirement and Health & Disability.

Recent Publications:


Kuhl, D. C., Warner, D. F., &  Wilczak, A. (2012). Adolescent violent victimization and precocious union formation. Criminology, 50(4), 1089-1127.

Warner, D. F., &  Adams, S. A.. (2012). Widening the social context of disablement: The importance of marital and nonmarital relationships for loneliness. Social Science Research, 41(6), 1529-1545.

Warner, D. F., &  Kelley-Moore, K. (2012). The social context of disablement among older adults: Does marital quality matter for loneliness? Journal of Health & Social Behavior, 53, 50-66.

Warner, D. F., & Brown, T. H. (2011). Understanding how race/ethnicity and gender define age-trajectories of disability: An intersectionality approach. Social Science & Medicine, 72, 1236-1248.

Warner, D. F., Hayward, M. D., & Hardy, M. A. (2010). The retirement life course in America at the dawn of the 21st Century. Population Research & Policy Review, 10(6), 893-919.

McDonald, S., Benton, R. A., & Warner, D. F. (2010). Informal job matching and labor market institutions: A cross-national study of non-searching for jobs in the United States and Germany.Social Forces91, 75-97.

Dupre, M. E., Gu, D., Warner, D.F ., & Yi, Z. (2009). Frailty and type of death among older adults in China: Prospective cohort study. British Medical Journal. 338, 1175-1186.

Gu, D., Dupre, M. E., Warner, D.F., & Yi, Z. (2009). Gender differences in health status and health expectancies among older adults in China: Findings from 1992 to 2002. Social Science & Medicine 68, 2170-2179.