• FP-21-22
    Variation in Stepfamilies among Currently Cohabiting and Married Men and Women Under 50
  • FP-21-17
    Trends in Births to Single and Cohabiting Mothers under 40, 1980-2018
  • FP-21-08
    Same-Sex Married and Cohabiting Couples Raising Children
  • FP-21-05
    Median Age at Last Birth
  • FP-21-03
    Unintended Births: Variation Across Social and Demographic Characteristics
  • FP-21-02
    Unintended Births: Variation Across Social and Demographic Characteristics
  • FP-21-01
    Thirty Years of Change in Unintended Births
  • FP-20-17
    Women Who Gave Birth Within the Past 12 Months, 2018
  • FP-20-06
    Age at First Birth Among Mothers 40-44, 1990 & 2018
  • FP-20-05
    Age at Entry into Motherhood and Mothers’ Sociodemographic Characteristics, 2015-2018
  • FP-20-04
    Number of Children to Women Aged 40-44, 1980-2018
  • FP-20-03
    Union and Childbearing Characteristics of Women 40-44, 2000-2018
  • FP-19-21
    Resident Single Parents: Mothers & Fathers
  • FP-19-19
    Coresidence Among Older Adults and Their Adult Children
  • FP-19-18
    Parental Bereavement in Mid- to Late-Life: The Death of a Child After Age 50
  • FP-19-16
    Family Formation Experiences: Women’s Median Ages at First Marriage and First Birth, 1979 & 2016
  • FP-19-15
    Family Formation Experiences: Shares of Women Who Married and Had a Birth, 1979 & 2016
  • FP-18-25
    Average Age at First Birth, 1970 & 2017
  • FP-18-11
    Job Satisfaction and Interference with Family Life Among Mothers and Fathers
  • FP-18-10
    Attitudes on Women's Roles in the Home: 1986-2016
  • FP-18-09
    Childbearing Desires, Intentions, and Attitudes Among Women 40-44
  • FP-18-08
    Characteristics of First Time Mothers Aged 40 and Older
  • FP-18-07
    Childbearing Among Women 40 and Older
  • FP-17-22
    Crossover in the Median Age at First Marriage and First Birth: Thirty-Five Years of Change
  • FP-17-19
    Mothers Aged 40-44 with Four or More Births
  • FP-17-14
    Variation in Birth Spacing by Maternal Characteristics
  • FP-17-13
    Variation in Birth Spacing by Family Context
  • FP-16-10
    Over 25 Years of Change in Men's Entry into Fatherhood, 1987-2013
  • FP-16-09
    Stepfamilies in the U.S.
  • FP-16-05
    A Quarter Century Change in Nonmarital Births: Differences by Educational Attainment
  • FP-16-04
    A Quarter Century Change in Nonmarital Births: Racial/Ethnic Differences
  • FP-16-03
    A Quarter Century Change in Nonmarital Births
  • FP-15-11
    Marital Stability Following Mother's 1st Marital Birth
  • FP-15-06
    Religiosity in U.S. Families: Single, Cohabiting, and Married Mothers
  • FP-15-04
    Number of Children Living in Same-Sex Couple Households, 2013
  • FP-15-03
    Trends in Births to Single and Cohabiting Mothers, 1980-2013
  • FP-15-02
    Multiple Partner Fertility Among White Married Couples in the U.S., 1955
  • FP-14-05
    Trends in Births to Single and Cohabiting Mothers, 1980-2009
  • FP-14-04
    Trends in Motherhood Before First Marriage
  • FP-14-03
    Demographic Profile of Same-Sex Couple Households with Minor Children, 2012
  • FP-13-19
    Children's Family Structure, 2013
  • FP-13-16
    Diverging Destinies: Children's Family Structure Variation by Maternal Education
  • FP-13-15
    Intentions of Nonmarital First Births and Maternal Age at Birth, 2000-2010
  • FP-13-10
    Women Who Gave Birth Within the Past 12 months, 2011
  • FP-13-09
    Working Women with Children in the Household, 2011
  • FP-13-06
    Crossover in Median Age at First Marriage and First Birth: Thirty Years of Change (first published as FP-12-03)
  • FP-13-03
    Grandchildren: Living in a Grandparent-Headed Household
  • FP-12-24
    Intentions and Planning Status of Births: 2000-2010
  • FP-12-23
    Single, Cohabiting, and Married Mothers in the U.S., 2011
  • FP-12-17
    Child Poverty in the United States, 2010
  • FP-12-16
    Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Children, 2010
  • FP-12-15
    Demographic Profile of Same-Sex Parents
  • FP-12-11
    Timing of First Marital Birth
  • FP-12-10
    Mothers and Fathers Exiting the Workforce in 2008
  • FP-12-06
    Unmarried Births to Cohabiting and Single Mothers, 2005-2010
  • FP-11-11
    On the Road to Adulthood: Sequencing of Family Experiences
  • FP-11-10
    Fatherhood in the U.S.: Number of Children, 1987-2010
  • FP-11-08
    On the Road to Adulthood: Forming Families
  • FP-11-07
    Children in Cohabiting Unions
  • FP-11-01
    U.S. Families and Households: Economic Well-Being
  • FP-10-08
    Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009
  • FP-10-04
    Thirty Years of Change in Family Roles and Parenthood Attitudes, 1976-2008
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