Double Major and Dual/Intra-College Degrees

Double Major
The student who wishes to earn a double major within the College of Arts and Sciences must complete the requirements for both majors. This involves completing the degree requirements for one degree, the requirements for a major, and – instead of a minor – completing the requirements for the second major. The two majors must be offered in the same degree (for example, a double major in Psychology and Sociology). A particular major may not be available to a student as a second major in those cases where there is significant overlap with courses in the second major. Substitutions to course requirements for a major are the jurisdiction of the program offering the major.

Dual Degrees
This involves the completion of two undergraduate degrees from two different colleges, when two majors are desired but cannot be obtained from a single college. You must secure permission of the Deans of both colleges before the end of your junior year, meet with an advisor in both college offices, complete the degree requirements of both collegiate degrees, as well as earn a minimum of 20 hours beyond the 122 hours required for one degree. If you earn dual degrees, you will need a major in each, but you will not need a minor. Courses used to fulfill major or minor requirements for one degree cannot be re-used to satisfy major or minor requirements for the other degree.

Intra-College Degrees
If you pursue two different degrees within the College of Arts and Sciences you must meet with an academic advisor and obtain permission from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, requirements for a major and minor in each degree must be completed independently. Courses counted toward a major or minor for the first degree cannot apply toward the major or minor in the second degree. At least 32 hours beyond the hours required for a single degree must be earned.

Note: Courses taken for a major do not count toward a minor. Major and minor courses may not be taken “S/U." Planned minors may not include any courses from a program in which the student has a major.

Updated: 04/13/2021 12:47PM