Spring 2018 Paris Trip

By: Emily Gielink

            The Department of Journalism and Public Relations will be taking 20 students to Paris, France to network with media outlets and public relations practitioners in spring 2018. The trip is 10 days in length, and allows students to experience internationalism journalism first-hand.

            The trip has two coinciding courses, and will be run by professor Julie Hagenbuch and Dr. Catherine Cassara. Hagenbuch will be teaching JOUR 4950, which includes seven pre-departure information sessions on Paris as well as personal Skype sessions with the clients BGSU students will be networking with. International journalism (JOUR 4750), which is the focus of the trip, will be taught by Cassara. The classes give students a total of four credit hours.

            During the trip, students will have the opportunity to meet those who work for U.S. media in Paris, as well as PR professionals and CEOs of social media companies in the trans-Atlantic. Students will also visit the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), meet with U.S. diplomats and visit sites such as PR companies.

            Students will begin their days by attending the American University in Paris (AUP). For most of the work day, students will meet with the special guests. Some evenings they will be invited  to the speaker’s residence for dinner. Students are also given free time to adventure and sight-see in Paris and the surrounding areas.

            The trip has a program fee of $2,600.20. This fee includes ground transportation, round trip airfare, the hotel costs, and a Cabaret and Seine boat ride ticket.

            “I’m pretty excited because my schedule didn’t give me much room for doing a study abroad, and this is giving me that chance,” said Megan Pettit, a third-year public relations major. “I’m excited to learn more about my career field and getting to see some of the popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.”

            With registration now closed, students are left to prepare for their newest educational excursion in Paris, France this spring.