Section Six

Section 6.1 Faculty Recruitment Manual  
Section 6.2 College Statement on Authorization, Recruitment & Hiring of New Faculty/Administrative Staff
Section 6.3 Ethics of Recruitment and Faculty Appointment
Section 6.4 Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
Section 6.5 Part-time Contract or Overload Assignment
Section 6.6 Procedures for Establishing Joint Appointments Between Departments/Schools and Interdisciplinary Programs
Section 6.7 Lectureships in the College of Arts and Sciences
Section 6.8 Conflict of Interest Policy
Section 6.9 Definitions of Employee and Consultant
Section 6.10 Principles and Policies/Procedures of the Performance-Based Merit System for Faculty at Bowling Green State University
Section 6.11 Salary Adjustments Requests
  Request for Salary Inversion or Market/Equity Adjustment (see appendix)
Section 6.12 Annual Review Policy for Tenure Track Faculty
Section 6.13 Guidelines for Third-Year Comprehensive Review of Probationary Faculty
  Preparing Probationary Faculty Files for the Three-Year Review
Section 6.14 Request for Faculty Status, by Courtesy (off-campus) (see appendix)
Section 6.15 Request for Affiliate Status (see appendix)
Section 6.16 Request for Courtesy Appointment to Faculty (see appendix)
Section 6.17 Faculty Resignation Checklist Form (see appendix)
Section 6.18 Policy on Electronic Submission of Applications for Faculty Positions

Note: University personnel policies are located in Section II of the BGSU Governance Document