Section 6.5


All requests to hire part-time faculty/staff must be forwarded to the Dean for approval.  Contracts for part-time faculty or overload appointments will be processed on the basis of the information on theRequest for Part-Time Contract or Overload Assignment form.

The University Policy on Faculty Appointment (B.I.C.2.a.)(2)) states: "Part-time temporary appointment shall be . . . for any period shorter than an academic year." Persons hired to teach 12 hours (or 100%) for one semester are considered part-time employees. Only the one-semester contracts with "Visiting" in the title or those with special Provost approval should be marked "full-time 100%." These faculty will be considered "full-time 100%" for the purpose of benefits. All others should be marked "part-time" and will not be eligible for full-time benefits. No consecutive part-time 100% contracts should be offered.

Occasionally questions arise about the possibility of rehiring faculty members who have already completed five years of full-time employment as a temporary faculty member or who have been denied tenure. Currently it is university policy not to hire such individuals. However, if there is an instructional need that cannot be otherwise met, part-time contacts may be offered on a per course basis. Exceptions to the "no hire" rule require the approval of the Dean and Provost/VPAA.

In addition, it is current A&S policy to contract for all instruction in the college. This applies to faculty in other colleges, administrative staff, or visitors who may offer to teach for "free." Any faculty member who has a defensible workload of 12 hours/semester or administrative staff whose teaching is in addition to a regular 40 hour work week is to be contracted for extra instructional duties. This policy in no way affects instruction done either by long distance or cross-listing of courses.

Hiring Procedures for New Part-time Faculty

To request part-time faculty contracts for persons who have not previously established a personnel file in the college office and/or have not previously been on payroll, the following materials will be needed:

1. College of Arts and Sciences Request for Part-Time Contract or Overload Assignment

2. Credentials:

a. Current vita

b. At least two current original letters of recommendation (dated within the current year, including at least one letter from the current employer if the candidate is employed

c. Official transcript(s) showing highest degree earned.

3. Completed I-9 form and accompanying documentation.

Hiring Procedures for Continuing Part-time Faculty

Complete only the College of A & S Request for Part-time Contract form to request part-time faculty contracts for persons who have been on the BGSU payroll previously and have established a personnel file in the college office. Please note that persons who sign administrative contracts and who teach courses do not hold faculty rank in the department. Payment for overloads is usually made according to the university-wide, rank-based rate structure.

The length of break in employment will determine if it is necessary to request that materials in credentials files be updated before part-time faculty are rehired.