Section 4.4


University policy requires that all special program charges, course fees, or lab fees (any fees or miscellaneous charges assessed to students other than the normal instructional fees) be approved by the Board of Trustees. The steps to be followed in securing such approval are:

  • All continuing charges or requests for changes must be forwarded by the department chair/school or program director to the college dean for review/approval.
  • Requests approved by the college dean are forwarded to the Provost.
  • The Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee and the University Budget Committee review those recommended by the Provost.
  • Following FAAC/UBC recommendations, a listing of all special program and lab fees is forwarded in May to the Board of Trustees for approval. Fee increases go into effect annually at the beginning of the fall term.
  • An account must be established through the Financial Accounting, in the Office of the Controller for the purpose of monitoring income and expenses related to these fees.

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