Section 5.2


All proposed curriculum modifications begin with the submission of the "blue sheet" (for undergraduate courses and programs) or the "green sheet" (for graduate courses and programs) and supporting documentation. Collegiate guidelines for the preparation of supporting information have been established.  In addition, proposals for new degrees, new majors, and modification of existing majors must be accompanied by responses to the items outlined in the Regents Policy and Procedures for Review and Approval of New Degrees and New Degree Programs Other Than Graduate Degrees and Associate Degrees.

All proposed departmental/school/program curriculum modifications must be reviewed by the appropriate divisional/school curriculum committee. Minutes of every divisional/school curriculum committee meeting are distributed to all members of each divisional/school committee. The College Curriculum Committee may consider and recommend action on any proposed curriculum modification and will consider all proposals prior to review by Undergraduate Council (which reviews all program modifications, but not individual course modifications). The Council is free to appeal to the faculty as a whole for advice on issues which the members of the Council feel may be highly controversial. All major curriculum modifications approved by the Dean are forwarded to Undergraduate Council. The Provost or designee has final signatory authority for all curriculum modifications.

The deadline for final approval of proposed curricular changes which are to be incorporated in theUndergraduate Catalog is announced and usually falls mid-term each semester. Advanced planning is necessary.